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LUMIX DMC-SZ8 16 MP 12X Zoom Compact Digital Camera - Black

Model: DMC-SZ8K
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LUMIX DMC-SZ8 16 MP 12X Zoom Compact Digital Camera - Black

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Videos & 360 View
  • Get close or go wide with 14mm ultra wide-angle lens
  • Share with smartphone or tablet via wireless feature
  • Add creativity to photos with HD video with creative filters
  • Play back images with bright 3.0" LCD

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12x Optical Zoom in a Stylish Body

The DMC-SZ8 is equipped with a 24mm ultra wide-angle lens with a powerful 12x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 24-288mm) for versatility in your photography. Enjoy taking breathtaking landscapes with the wide-angle, and bringing sports, portraits, and wildlife up close with the zoom. All of this is packed within the camera's slim, stylish body.

Easy Wi-Fi Connection to Your Smartphone

You can easily connect the SZ8 to your smartphone / tablet by using the "Panasonic Image App" to scan a QR code displayed on the camera screen. Set-up is extremely easy and is finished within a few seconds. A wireless connection between the camera and the smartphone / tablet allows you to use a variety of Wi-Fi functions, such as Remote Shooting, Instant Transfer, and Geotagging.
*It is recommended to use the latest version of the "Panasonic Image App" to use this feature

Creative Filter Effects for Your Photos and Videos

TWith a variety of filter effects, the LUMIX SZ8¿s Creative Control lets you add your artistic and creative expression to photos and videos.

Creative Panorama function allows you to create dynamic vertical / horizontal panoramic photos by simply swiveling the camera.

Channel your inner creativity with Expressive, Retro, Old Days, High Key, Low Key, Sepia, Dynamic Monochrome, Impressive Art, High Dynamic, Cross Process, Toy Effect*, Miniature Effect*, Soft Focus**, Star Filter** and One Point Color.
* Cannot be used in Creative Panorama
** Cannot be used in video recording

3-inch Intelligent LCD

The large, bright 3.0-inch 460K-dot LCD delivers high visibility in any lighting condition. This sharp LCD is excellent for both shooting and playing back images

16-Megapixel Sensor

The SZ8's 16-megapixel sensor delivers crisp, clear, high quality images. Enjoy the freedom to crop a part of a photo you want to enlarge after shooting and still have amazing quality.

Optical Image Stabilizer

The SZ8¿s Optical Image Stabilizer compensates for hand-shake that can cause blurred photos. Even slight movement when using the camera¿s powerful zoom is accurately detected and compensated for to produce sharp, clear images.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

With the HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, the camera takes several photos consecutively at different exposure levels to make a single composite picture without whiteout (over-exposure) or blackout (under-exposure) even in difficult lighting conditions. Enjoy rich, brilliant color and details with HDR photography.

Remote Shooting / Remote View

With the powerful "Panasonic Image App*", remote shooting gives you extra control of your photos. Simply place the SZ8 at a shooting location, walk away from it, and what the camera is seeing is displayed on your WiFi compatible smartphone / tablet. You'll have the ability to zoom, set the focus, release the shutter, and change several recording settings such as exposure compensation remotely from your smartphone / tablet.
* It is recommended to use the latest version of the "Panasonic Image App" to use this feature

On the Go Easy Sharing with Wi-Fi

Instantly upload and share your pictures on SNS using the easy to use "Panasonic Image App*" on your WiFi compatible smartphone / tablet. The Photo Collage function in the app, lets you combine several images into a single picture and then share it with family and friends.
*It is recommended to use the latest version of the "Panasonic Image App" to use this feature


Easily tag the location information to an image by utilizing the GPS log of a smartphone / tablet, and then share it to a SNS. *Facebook is a registered trademark or trademark of Facebook, Inc. *Picasa is a registered trademark or trademark of Google Inc. *Flickr is a registered trademark or trademark of Yahoo! Inc.

Wirelessly Transfers Photos

The Instant Transfer function gives you the ability to transfer your photo data to a designated electronic device automatically whenever the shutter is released. In playback mode, you can also touch the photo displayed on the camera to transfer it directly to a smartphone / tablet right on the spot.

Auto Transfer

With Auto Transfer, images are transferred from your camera to a computer or other device while charging the battery with a wireless access point.

HD Video Recording

The DMC-SZ8 records dynamic HD videos in 1280 x 720p. Start recording videos quickly and easily by simply pressing the motion picture button on top of the camera. You can conveniently switch between shooting photos and videos instantly.

iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode

In the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode, the camera does all the work, leaving you free to compose your shot and capture the moment. Simply aim, press, and shoot. iA Mode integrates the Optical Image Stabilizer, Face Detection, Intelligent Scene Selector, and Intelligent Exposure resulting in breathtaking photos with ease of operation.

AC / USB Battery Charging

Conveniently charge the SZ8¿s battery with either AC power or by using the USB.