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4-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver

Model: ES-LF51-A
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4-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver

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4-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver with Nanotech™ Blades and Arc Foil


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Wet/Dry WashableEnjoy the convenience of dry operation of use with foam or gel for a pampering, silky-smooth shave
100% WaterproofRinses clean under running water
4-Blade Cutting SystemFor a fast, smooth & close shave
Flexible Pivoting HeadConforms to neck and jaw area
Fast, Linear Motor Drive14,000 cycles per minute linear motor drive delivers a smoother, cleaner shave
Nanotech™ Blades

30-degree inner blades featuring nanotechnology cut the hair at its base for a close shave

Sonic Vibration Cleaning ModeWhile rinsing the shaver under running water, sonic vibrations help remove clinging hair debris, leaving the blades fresh and renewed
5-Stage LED Charging Indicator
Pop-up TrimmerFor mustache and sideburns
Switch-lock Button
Travel Pouch