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V110: Full HD Long Zoom Camcorder

Model: HC-V110K

V110: Full HD Long Zoom Camcorder

Videos & 360 View
  • 72x Intelligent Zoom
  • Full HD 1080i Video
  • iFrame web mode compatible
  • 8.9 Megapixel photo capture

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The HC-V110 camcorder delivers HD Video, an amazing high-powered 38x optical zoom, and up to a 72x digital zoom to get you close to the action. Enjoy iFrame web recording where the video in your camera is the same format for editing so it's fast to import and edit with video editing software. The HC-V110 delivers 8.9-megapixel still images in an all-purpose, high quality camcorder.

Intelligent 72x Zoom

The HC-V110 enables ultra-telephoto Intelligent 72x zoom shooting with a compact body. This powerful zoom brings faraway subjects right up close to capture dynamic images that fill the entire frame.

Full HD 1080i Video

Get the most from your travels with high quality Full HD 1080i video.

iFrame Web Mode Compatible

The V110 gives you the convenience to record videos in iFrame Mode. With iFrame, the video in your camera is the same format for editing so it's fast to import and edit with compatible video editing software. iFrame is based on standards, so it works with a number of applications — such as iMovie. Sharing is a breeze since the videos are web ready and viewable on your mobile devices.

8.9-Megapixel Photo Capture

Still Picture Recording mode lets you shoot with a maximum resolution of 8.9-Megapixels.*

* For images recorded with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

BSI Sensor

The BSI Sensor has improved high sensitivity performance to record easy-to-see, clear images even in dimly lit situations.

iA (Intelligent Auto)

In the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode, the camera does all the work, leaving you free to compose your shot and capture the moment. This powerful function senses the shooting conditions and automatically adjusts the settings and activates the proper functions to deliver optimal results letting you focus on capturing the moment.

* The functions included in iA may not be applied when conditions do not call for them.

Image Stabilizer

The Image Stabilizer corrects slight hand-shake. Even high-power zoom shots that are highly susceptible to hand-shake now come out sharp and clear.

You can make your camcorder wireless.

Eye-Fi Compatible

By using the Eye-Fi™ wireless card, you can save your files to your computer or upload them to Social Network Service with a wireless network. You can also directly transport the files to your smartphone or tablet without connecting another access point.

  • The functions of the Eye-Fi™ card (including wireless transmission) are not guaranteed to work on this product. In the case of a malfunction of the card, please contact the card manufacturer.
  • Check with Eye-Fi™ manufacturer for terms and conditions of use.
  • Install the software supplied with the Eye-Fi™ card in advance on your computer and configure the Eye-Fi™ settings. (For settings, methods etc., please read the card operating instructions or consult the card manufacturer)

State-Of-The-Art Features And Technologies

  • iA Mode
  • Focus Assist
  • Pre-Rec Function
  • Color Night Rec/Colour Night View
  • Scene Mode
  • HD Writer