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Multifunction Network Laser Fax Machine


33.6kbps Multifunction Laser Fax, w/ Built-in Ethernet



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  • More Details
    • Print Method
    • Print Speed
    • Paper Tray Capacity
    • ADF Capacity
    • Interface(s)
    • Compatible Operating Systems
    • Input Paper Capacity
    • 2-Line, 16-character LCD Display
    • Fax Modem Speed
    • Transmission Speed
    • Quick Scan
    • Data Compression System
    • Fax memory capacity
    • Out of Paper Reception
    • ECM
    • Dual Access
    • Resolution
    • One-Touch Stations
    • Speed Dial Stations
    • Distinctive Ring Detection
    • Junk Fax Prohibitor
    • Delayed Transmission
    • Journal Report
    • Telephone Handset
    • TEL/TAD/FAX Switching
    • Redial
    • Caller ID
    • Scanner Type
    • Scanning Capability
    • Scan Resolution
    • Scan Formats
    • "Scan to" feature
    • Direct Scan-to-Email
    • Print Emulation
    • PC Print
    • Print Resolution
    • Paper size
    • Memory Copy Speed
    • Resolution (Copier)
    • Multi-Copy
    • Reduction Copy
    • Enlargement Copy
    • Collate/Sort/Copy
    • N in 1 Function
    • OTHER
    • Power Consumption
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight
    • Fax Advantage Program
    • UPC 885170018860

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  • What should I do if I cannot send a fax or have no dial tone?
    1. Check that power cord is plugged into a working outlet and that it is also secure on the back of the unit.
    2. Check if telephone line cord connections are secure from the wall jack and is also connected to the"EXT" jack on the product instead of the "LINE" jack.
    3. Try a different phone cord the problem may be with the phone cord.
    4. Unplug the fax machine and install a phone in its place. If the phone has a dial tone then it's a problem with the fax. If the phone doesn't have dial tone but is working on the other jack then there could be a problem with the jack where the fax is currently plugged in to.
    5. If you have connected the fax machine through a computer modem, connect the fax machine directly to a telephone line jack.
    6. If possible, move the unit to a different location.
  • How can I connect my fax to a home phone line with an answering machine?
    To ensure both your answering machine and fax work hand in hand to receive messages and faxes, they must be connected to each other. The telephone line port from the answering machine that is normally plugged into the wall jack should be connected into the EXT port of the fax machine. Then set your answering machine to pick up on the 4th or lower ring count and the fax to 5 EXT TAM.
  • How do I change the language?
    The default language is English:
    1. Press [Menu] [#] [1] [1] [0]
      • Press [1] to select "English"
      • Press [2] to select "Spanish"
    2. Press [Set] then press [Menu].
  • How do I set it to receive faxes automatically?
    To receive faxes automatically press the [AUTO ANSWER] button repeatedly to display [FAX ONLY MODE] .
  • What is the maximum number of recipients I can fax a document to?
    You can send a fax to a maximum of 20 recipients once they have been programmed into the broadcast memory.
  • Why are there smudges or streaks on all the print outs made by the unit?
    Streaks, smudges or markings on all print outs made by the unit means that the drum has reached its drum life. A drum can be used with 3 to 4 toner cartridge replacements. If you have used more than that number we suggest that you replace the drum to correct the issue.
  • Why is there no power to the fax machine?
    Make sure that the power cord is connected. Also, try a different power outlet.
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