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caucasian woman looking in mirror touching her brunette hair next to an asian man looking in the mirror touching his brunette hair

Look and feel amazing– our quality products ensure safe, gentle care of face, hair, and body, and are convenient to use at home and on the go.


african-american woman steaming her face using a white-colored Panasonic facial steamer

For spa-quality treatments at home, you’ll love our facial steamers and tools for lashes and brows.

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caucasian woman in her twenties blow drying her brunette hair

Get salon-quality styling at home, with high-tech, easy-to-use tools that keep hair healthy and radiant.

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caucasian woman cleaning her teeth with a blue and white oral irrigator

Keep your teeth and gums feeling great with gentle, advanced tools that are great for home and travel.

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man replacing blades on a Panasonic cordless electric shaver

Keep your tools working their best; for a consistently clean, close, efficient shave, replace blades and foils every 1–2 years.

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caucasian woman shaving her leg and an african-american man shaving face with cordless electric shavers

The tools you need for a fast, close, powerful shave and trim that protects sensitive skin, with legendary Japanese blade technology.

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